There are two easy voice exercises you can do each morning. One is short, and it can be the first thing you do in the morning, before even opening your eyes. The other one is longer and require you to sit up. Both work best if they’re done before starting to speak, walk, brush teeth, check smartphone etc.



  • You are establishing/awakening the connection between YOU and YOUR VOICE. The voice will then communicate YOU better throughout the day.
  • The vocal cords get a soft start of the day and will be able to carry out more and last longer;
  • Body and/or mind tensions are partly released;
  • Enhanced integrity;
  • Enhanced self-consciousness;
  • Enhanced immune system;
  • Enhanced ability to regenerate your body;
  • Enhanced well-being;
  • Breathing is harmonised;
  • Enhanced delivery of oxygen.




Lie in bed. On the back. Eyes closed. Open mouth. Arms next to your body.

Take 5 breaths. IN through the nostrils, OUT through the mouth. Let them be deep. Stay present in every moment of each and every one.

Allow the stillness efter every exhale.


Continue the calm breathing and allow a sigh with every exhale (keep the stillness after the exhale).

With every new exhale you allow the sigh to become longer and longer. Eventually you develop it to a groan. Take your time. 


Whenever you feel ready, go to the next step. With the help of your hands, pull down the jaw a couple of times and leave it hanging and with a released jaw (as if wrapping a tennis ball in your mouth) close only your lips, preparing the sound M.


Start humming on the M. Enjoy the humming and the vibration in the chest.

Have the intension to release tensions from the night, the day before or the expectations of the day. Keep on humming until you feel ready to end.

Note: you do every step as long as feels right to you.


You begin with closed eyes. Find a seated position. It could be on the floor or on a chair. What’s important is that you want to be able to have an upright but released sitting position with a good feeling of grounded root and a light head on a long neck.

  1. Explore the sensation of sitting. Sense the root of your spine and the connection to the Earth. Sense the length of the neck and the head weightlessly floating on top of it. You may wanna enhance that feeling through rocking and rolling your pelvis, trunk and head – like a grass in the wind.
  2. Take 7 breaths – IN and OUT through the mouth. Stay present in every moment of the breate and allow the stillness after every exhale.
  3. Continue the calm breathing and allow a sigh with every exhale (keep the stillness after the exhale). With every new exhale you allow the sigh to become longer and eventually you develop it into a groan.End when you feel you are ready, go for the next step.
  4. With the help of your hands, pull down the jaw a couple of times and leave it hanging and with a released jaw close your lips (as if wrapping a tennis ball in your mouth) preparing the sound of M.
  5. Keep eyes closed. Put one hand on the heart/chest.Imagine the chest space, your personal cathedral (or whatever image feels right) wherein your heart is living and wherein your voice likes to move but up till now has been sleeping.Start sounding the sound of M and allow it to arrive in the chest. You can start from a high pitch and going down to a low pitch.There is no pushing of the sound nor pushing of the voice. It is simply the intention and feeling of allowing it to sound and to move down into the chest space. Allow the sound to vibrate your chest.From the inside comes the vibration of your voice and from the outside your hands are confirming you, the body and your voice in your “heartspace”.Allow the the stillness after every exhale.
  6. Now allow the voice to find the “easy” tone. A light and easy tone where it can stay for a while. Let´s call it “your key tone”.You may need to search a little until you find that easy tone that vibrates almost by itself. Maybe you don’t find it at first. Don’t worry. In time it will come.Let the voice vibrate on that single tone. Again and again. Stay connected! To the tone, the voice, your chest, your body with all its sensations.
  7. Now you allow the voice to move, sliding up and down in tiny little steps.Stay connected to the body sensations of it!That is the key: The presence and the connection between You and your Voice! Its not at all about making music. Its simply allowing it to freely move up and down (and btw, your voice loves to move you!). Allow it to move inside the chest until you feel ready for the next step.
  8. Stay with that single and easy tone you had in step 5.Tone with M and in the same breath move to O and then back to M again. All in one breath. Dont make it too long. Keep the ease and the stillness. You dont want to stress your breathing .Enjoy the MMMMMOOOOOOOMM.Visualize: The M allows the voice into the chest. With O you are allowing it out through the chest. With M again you’re bringing it back HOME to you – in to the home of the heart, the chest.Repeat the M-O-M on one tone several times and then slowly bring back the moving up and down again that you had with step 6.
  9. End with 3 single toned M-O-M and finally 3 deep breaths.

Now you are ready for the rest of the day!

Whatever your next thing to do is, whether meditating, yoga, breakfast or bringing up the kids, you will notice the difference doing it.

During the day you can always take 15 seconds off and do either an M or an M-O-M. It will benefit both You and the Voice, which is your friend.

Its important to do the session before you use your voice in any other way. It should be the first thing you do in the morning. In this way, you won’t start the day using your voice in the habitual way, but you start “from the beginning”.
You do every step as long as feels right to you.
If you’re not used to breathing and/or voicing exercises/sessions, even a simple thing like breathing deep and calmly or even sounding a tone with an internal focus may stir up some emotions or bring up some unpleasant memories.

That may happen and it’s perfectly normal. It can be compared to shaking a bottle with fruit juice that has been left for some time. The solid parts have fallen down to the bottom of the bottle (the uncounscious). Now, through shaking, they are brought back to the surface (the day-counsciousness).

The shaking of the bottle is what happens when you allow your body a deep breath or you’re letting your voice vibrate it with allowance. It stirs up the solid parts that needs to come in motion. And you get emotional. But remember that emotion is the first step towards healing.

However, the morning sessions is not meant to awake emotions, but to awake the voice and connect you to it. The session doesn’t have the necessary follow-up-steps for an emotional work.

However, what happens happens. So if emotions are rising, you can choose to stay with them – with presence, allowance and no-judgement. And then to stabilize yourself: tone a single and deep tone connected with the intention of Stabilizing and Harmonizing. This will soothe the mind.