Kefas Berlin

When he’s not climbing trees or watching the northern lights within the Swedish forest he lives in, Kefas is giving 1 to 1 voice sessions at his home, leading a local weekly choir, or facilitating The Liberated Voice Workshop in 4 countries around Europe.

He’s a voyager in the world of voice, body and movement and he dedicates his life to voice and singing. He believes that singing is an inherent and much neglected potential and right; that song in its nature is harmonizing and healing; it generates peace and goodwill between people; and it’s an infinite spring of joy and energy.


Paul Dumitru

Paul discovered the importance of voice in his life by taking part in a short version of the workshop held by Kefas in Sweden, which had a powerful impact on him. He’d say that it changed his life, but he’d rather avoid such big words. That is, though, the reason why he decided to bring this experience to Romania and share it with other people here.

Apart from organising The Liberated Voice Workshop, which comes more as a personal ambition and passion, he is a Graphic Facilitator, playing with drawings and translating what people talk into visual maps at conferences, meetings or creative sessions.


Carmen Cuculescu

Carmen was always a singing traveller through life. But her intuitive journey took a wonderful turn when she discovered the workshop held by Kefas in Bucharest. As a result, she is working enthusiastically towards using her voice with full conscience rather than just letting emotions out. And, on this new journey, she decided to give a piece of hand in organising the event and sharing this experience with other people that could benefit.

When she is not working on improving herself, she is a loving student of human nature, striving to improve people’s quality of life through counselling and training.


Anca Petrescu

Anca has been passionate about learning and personal development for many years, exploring all sorts of modalities and techniques. In her search for a better connection with the body and for improving vocal techniques, she participated in the Liberated Voice workshop, which was, besides very useful and empowering, a true inspiration for her own activities in so many ways. So she joined the team with the intention of bringing this authentic experience to the people who need it mostly.

Otherwise, Ance is using her voice in her daily activities: in training and public speaking or when supporting the development of people in psychotherapy.