First of all you should know that the Liberated Voice Workshop is an international event. Apart from Romania (where the previous 6 editions in Bucharest gathered 207 participants), it took place in more than 10 countries: ​​Norway, Sweden, Estonia, Latvia, Belgium, Switzerland, Bulgaria, Portugal, ​​Turkey, India, ​South Korea and China. That counts for more than 2.000 participants who took a leap of faith and joined the event. Who are these people?, you might ask.

SOME WORK WITH THE VOICE. Well, Despite what it might sound like, this workshop is NOT specially dedicated to professional singers, actors and public speakers. You MUST NOT BE one of them to join. But if you are, you might find a great place to step out of the rigours, formalities and roles that professional singing, choirs, acting or holding speeches come with. Many people for whom singing and speaking is a large part of their life and work have a hard time relaxing their vocal chords and finding their true voice. The main purpose of this workshop is setting the voice free.

SOME WORK WITH PEOPLE. Then we have many participants who have to interact a lot as part of their jobs. They are teachers, coaches, team leaders, youth workers, trainers and facilitators. Their main job is to work with other people. The workshop helps them to find the sweet spot where interaction, empathy, leadership and presence come together and make a playful, natural mix. A spot where voice is a connector and a channel.

SOME WANT SOMETHING NEW. Then there are developers, programmers, engineers, doctors, and marketing professionals. A surprise, you might think! But for many of them, the Liberated Voice Workshop comes as an opportunity for something new to discover, a curiosity, a novel experience. And it is! It’s just that, most often, it also turns out to be an awakening experience for them. A refresh button for life. The voice is a source of life energy. It brings you joy. And so often we loose it under the many tasks of every day.

SOME HAVE KIDS. Last but not least we have… parents. Why do we make them a special segment? Because there is a rising number of people for whom their interaction with their children and also with their family in general is an important focus of their lives. The voice plays an important role in the way our kids perceive us, especially in the early childhood. Babies perceive love through touch and sounds. The voice of their parents can be an important emotional support for caring, sleeping and relating.

BUT I CANNOT SING… So, is this workshop for you? We’d say YES. You might be one of these people, or you might as well not fit any of the profiles. That’s fine. For sure, one important characteristic is your willingness to better know yourself, to learn, to develop your creative energy and to enjoy genuine human connection. Notably, to have an openness towards doing all these with the support of your voice, even if you might have never used it this way. Even if you might have never sang before.

Are you gonna be one of them?

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