As the research on the benefits of voice advance, we are more and more happy to see that what we have been preaching about The Liberated Voice workshop from our experience and the hundreds of people who took part in it, becomes a certain fact.

Katie Kat is a soprano, a voice teacher and what she calls as an ‘opera-preneur’, expanding audiences for opera with her performances and researching the amazing capabilities of the human voice. In her TEDx talk she speaks, from her work, about the benefits of singing:

Singing is an incredible gift we all have. It increases self-awareness, self confidence and the ability to communicate with others. It decreases stress and comforts us and helps us to forge identity and influence our world.

Most of what we perceive as “wrong notes” are really just the result of nervous tension.

Like a newborn’s primal scream, singing is instinctual and necessary to our existence.

The amygdala processes music and emotion and basic biological functions, like pain and pleasure.

Joy in singing comes from endorphins released by the pleasure centres and by oxytocin which enhances trust and bonding.

Singing releases measureble levels of serotonin and can lessen the feelings of loneliness and depression.

The breathing required in singing makes it an anaerobic activity, bringing more oxygen into the blood and promoting relaxation. Which leads to lower levels of cortisol, the stress level.

Vocalising helps you to become aware of your anatomy. Like internal echo-location. You can help your brain create a map of your instrument, that you can then use to build strength, endurance and flexibility.

You learn to break down internal road blocks. You learn to trust something that you cannot see or initially feel.

Singers develop a profound empathy to any kind of verbal communication. When a singer watches someone sing, their brains react as if they were doing the singing.


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