Have you ever wondered how would your voice sound if your heart could speak? 

Some years ago I wasn’t aware that the heart could have a particular sound, other than the one heard through the stethoscope. But I’ve discovered this amazing workshop called The Liberated Voice, which brought me a deeper understanding on how, I can not only speak, but also express, play, heal or liberate – through my voice.

The first time I’ve participated it was more out of curiosity, taking it as another chance to experience something new. In my quest for novelty and learning, it sounded interesting enough to give it a try. But what I’ve discovered there was beyond my expectations. If I were to make it all to just one paragraph, I’d say: beautiful people, warm and safe space, self-discovery, inner exploration, acceptance, emotions, body awareness, gratitude, exploration, discoveries, connection, playfulness, sharing, joy, confidence, freedom.

Now that’s enough words to make your head spin. Better let me tell you the whole story.

I am trying to write about this experience for a long time. Almost 4 years. I was afraid that I would not be able to find the perfect words to describe the feelings and the energy that this workshop brings to me. But after the 3rd edition that I went to, in Nov. 2018, I realized there is not such a thing – expecting the best words, the perfect moment. The reality is as it is. And the moment came so that I let go of all my judgements, expectations, and I let these words be as they are. 

Of course that my mind, as always, took control and activated one of my strongest fears: not being enough and imagining how the article is supposed to look like in the end. I’m still struggling with all sorts of thoughts about this, but here I am, I guess this is my moment.

For me, the Liberated Voice workshop is a good way of practicing the presence. It is the kind of experience where I am encouraged to accept all of myself, and discover the hidden treasures that I have inside. It’s about allowing myself to be, the way that I am when I am not concerned to be as I suppose I have to be. 

The Liberated Voice workshop is also about playfulness, it’s about finding the joy in simple things. It’s about reminding myself how good it feels to play, to be curious, and to discover new perspectives even if I am not a child anymore. At least on the surface, because deep inside we are all still kids that expect to explore new ways of finding joy, and living with enthusiasm. In every one of us I think there is still that child that longs in a way or another for what he or she really needs: attention and love. But this is another story.

The Liberated Voice workshop is about connection in all the ways that I can imagine: connection with my inner universe and also with the outside world; connection with my body; connection with my heart, and my connection with others.

The Liberated Voice workshop brings awareness to every part of my body. It gives me the chance to feel parts of myself that I didn’t know I have, And it does all of these through my own voice, supported by breathing and movements that awake and support me in this journey.

The Liberated Voice workshop is about giving and receiving. It teaches me the joy of sharing. Because sometimes we are so concerned about appearances and about showing how strong, capable and independent we are, that we forgot the essential parts. We need each other, despite our fears, limits, beliefs, culture, nationalities or whatever other factors that can divide us. We need each other to create, wherever we are, a safe space for us and for others in order to express ourselves and bring the best of us. And the Liberated Voice workshop does that. It creates that safe space that allows me to be, to express myself, without judging or being judged. Most of the  people who take part in this workshop do not know each other, yet during the 2 days, by sharing the same experience, they end up creating magical moments together.

Within each edition I discovered beautiful and warm people, that create a peaceful and safe environment in which I can express myself with confidence, without worrying that somebody might judge me. And this happens because each person is engaged in his own journey.

The Liberated Voice workshop is also about discovering the beauty and the art of listening to the others with patience and respecting their boundaries. Learning to listen more conscious the real voices of people around me brought me to another level of understanding and interacting. Allowing my inner voice to express as it is, allowing myself to be vulnerable without judging or limiting brought me freedom and self-confidence.

The Liberated Voice workshop can also be a big challenge. If you’re not used to this kind of activities, in the beginning you will probably feel uncomfortable. It took me some time to relax, but I learned to be patient, most of all, with myself and also with the process. It’s not easy at all to step into the unknown. It might be intimidating. My brain encountered resilience, I even noticed myself judging, trying to control. But what I gained by passing through it all, trusting myself and others, being present, was definitively worth. And once I relaxed and trusted my instincts, something magical happened.

The Liberated Voice workshop is like a refresh: it awakes my body, it touches my heart and it brings good vibes in my life, tracks that I kept feel long after the workshop passed. I realized it depends on me, on how I decide to use and cultivate this energy in my daily life.

Because to be honest, this is the hardest part after every course or workshop that I take: to bring with me what I’ve learned and apply in daily life on long term. Practicing what it suits me and bringing awareness and joy in all that I do brings me a lot off benefits. That’s why I need from time to time to remind myself, one way or another, how good it feels to let go, breathe, smile and just be as I am.

For me, the Liberated Voice workshop, together with dancing, are some of the things that I like to do every time I have the chance. Every time I go, I leave full of energy, gratitude and with a good vibe. Now I am more aware of the power of my voice and sometimes I even let my heart sing, cry, whisper or whatever it needs to express. So no need for the “stethoscope” for now.

But this is my personal experience. You have to try it and see on your own what it brings to you. Because for each of us it can be different. Kefas will guide you in the most natural, fun and wonderful ways on this journey.

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