Since 2014 I’ve been putting a lot of time and effort in organising the Liberated Voice in Bucharest – an experiential workshop lead by a very talented Swedish trainer, Kefas Berlin. And it’s not even about profit. The most important thing that keeps me motivated is the people who come by me at the end of an intense weekend and thank me for making it happen.

People say that The Liberated Voice can be powerful enough to change your life (don’t trust me on this, better check their words).

As for me… It’s hard to talk about it and not seem like I’m promoting. But the truth is, I’m genuinely excited about going to this workshop again and again. It took me 2 years since my first experience, in Sweden, to realise how big of an impact it had on me. And only then have I decided to bring Kefas to Bucharest.

But with this occasion, going through the whole thing again was an even more powerful and interesting experience then the first. Here’s why:

Although from afar it looked as if I was taking part one more time in the same workshop, inside myself it felt as if I was levelling up. I wasn’t just exploring my voice and possibilities this time. I was evolving. I was practicing with less fear and more courage than the first time.

This evolution helped me to be more aware of breathing, making sound, listening to others.
I could be more present and pay more attention to the reasons behind the activities and get more sense of the impact they had on me. I started to develop more internal resources towards singing (and not only), like resilience, courage to show up and expose myself, openness.

Not to mention that the whole workshop seemed almost entirely new. That is because IT IS different every time. Not just in form (Kefas is changing most of the activities for each different edition), but also in the way YOU are taking part in it. You are different and therefore it will feel different and it will bring you new discoveries.

My personal boundaries and limits change from a year to another and so does my capacity of living more consciously and perceiving the experiences that I have.

The second edition, and then the third and forth – each time I’ve been able to focus on things that weren’t available to me in the past due to my own capabilities.

Obviously, my voice has developed a lot in the meantime. I feel that it has become stronger and more clear with each edition. One of the reasons is that I’ve been picking some of the exercises that we practice during the workshop and turned them into a habit at home. The more I work with my voice, the more it feels better and it becomes easier to use it.

This workshop has one very valuable side no matter how many times you take part in it – it is TRULY NURTURING. It’s good for the body. It gets you happily tired. And that happens after you have been using you body in such harmonious ways like interacting, moving and singing.

This workshop is also a very playful and fun experience. We don’t just sing… We learn to play with our voices. And we also play a lot with our peers, we sing in groups and we do fun games. This is a thrilling group experience.

Every time I go it is like a I do a refresh of my life. Like I hit a re-start button which is hidden somewhere on my body. I end up full of energy, refreshed and with a lot of appetite for life.

Yes, The Liberated Voice can be a once in a lifetime experience with a great impact. But joining in again can be even more meaningful as it supports you to go further. To dig deeper inside yourself. To wake up and shake yourself to life.

Give it another try and see where will it take you this time.

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