Kefas Berlin
When he’s not climbing trees or watching the northern lights within the Swedish forest he lives in, Kefas is giving 1 to 1 voice sessions at home, leading a local weekly choir, or facilitating The Liberated Voice Workshop in 4 countries around Europe.

He’s a voyager in the world of voice, body and movement and he dedicates his life to voice and singing. He believes that singing is an inherent and much neglected potential and right; that song in its nature is harmonizing and healing; it generates peace and goodwill between people; and it’s an infinite spring of joy and energy.


Paul Dumitru
Paul discovered the importance of voice in his life by taking part in a short version of the workshop held by Kefas in Sweden, which had a powerful impact on him. He’d say that it changed his life, but he’d rather avoid such big words. That is, though, the reason why he decided to bring this experience to Romania and share it with other people here.

Apart from organising The Liberated Voice Workshop, which comes more as a personal ambition and passion, he is a Graphic Facilitator, playing with drawings and translating what people talk into visual maps at conferences, meetings or creative sessions.


Mona Toma
For Mona, organising The Liberated Voice workshop is a way to empower people – which is one of her core values. That is also why she pays a very close attention to the way she speaks and utters words, as she knows how much this can empower herself to do the things that bring joy in her day to day life.

As a member of the Alternative University team in Bucharest, Mona is co-creating learning experiences for the students in the entrepreneurial community, while she’s growing her own start-up – a lettering boutique.

Alexandra Cucu
In an intuitive way, Alexandra has always been looking for situations that offered the possibility to use her voice. Like finding pleasure in reading aloud at school. Translating. Screaming with all strength on mountain-tops. Or humming (mostly for herself). Along the way, she noticed how most negative experiences somehow seem to “steal her voice”. She came around the Liberated Voice due to a personal question: “Could I find other purposeful alternatives to use my voice?”

In her day-to-day life, she practices verbal psychotherapy, art-therapy and massage therapy. She is interested in the more general field of psychosomatics, poetry, dance, and she’s thrilled when she reads fairy-tales to children.