We really want your experience at the workshop to be as easy as a soft voice whispering.

So we thought that for the lunch break it would be more convenient to eat something there, in stead of going to a restaurant. You get a yammi feast and you also stay connected to the workshop atmosphere. Plus: you can enjoy more free time to relax!

Some of you might get your own food from home (which is totally perfect and allowed), but for some it’s easier to have it ready-made.

Therefore, we talked to a catering service and we prepared a combination of sandwich and salad that is fresh, tasty, nutritious and light. So you can still move in the second part of the workshop.

And it will brought right there on the spot!

You can either take one of the two products, or both, depending on your appetite!

Just remember that this Wednesday, Feb. 7, is the last day to make your choice. After that moment, we cannot take any more orders.

Launch the lunch!

*Please, be aware that the lunch is not included in the workshop fee, you will have to pay there in cash.