What singing is doing to the brain… and body

There was no doubt, for us, that singing contributes to our overall wellbeing, health and joy. But here’s a interview with Professor Sarah Wilson, from the University of Melbourne, who speaks about what scientists have discovered by scanning people’s brains when they were singing. Wilson says that their researches prove that when people sing (or […]

How the workshop helped me in my personal development

Little do we know when a new journey begins. It’s rather subtle, almost like the soft touch of a person leading us in a dance. Or even more subtle, like the first fresh breeze that announces a faraway storm, slowly approaching. This is what happened to me one chilly morning, beginning of February 2013, in […]

7 reasons to go to the Liberated Voice workshop (more than once)

Since 2014 I’ve been putting a lot of time and effort in organising the Liberated Voice in Bucharest – an experiential workshop lead by a very talented Swedish trainer, Kefas Berlin. And it’s not even about profit. The most important thing that keeps me motivated is the people who come by me at the end of an intense weekend and thank […]